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Top six strangest fitness infomercials

Published: Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Updated: Thursday, March 29, 2012 01:03

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Slim Away

fitness col art 2.jpeg

Shake Weight

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Sauna Pants.

Okay, so it is 3 a.m. and what a surprise, you are wide wake and the only thing on TV are those annoying yet appealing infomercials that promise you great results with a 30 or 90 day guarantee.

Fitness infomercials have been around for ages and now more popular than ever before. They supposedly ‘assure’ you fast and fantastic results within a few times of just using their ‘groundbreaking’ new products.

Starting off with the Sauna Pants, one of the most bizarre ways to ‘sweat’ your way to a slimmer you by helping shed excess water weight; for targeting the lower body (thighs, buttocks, waist and hips) just simply put on the large, ‘one size fits all’ puffy attractive bright orange shorts and wrap and relax! Did I mention it comes with a long, bulky cord that is for the heat dial so you can adjust the right temperature for your comfort of ‘swamp butt?’

How about the famous Thigh Master, originated in 1991 this torture contraption consist of two metal springs that are covered by tight cushions that work not only your thighs and legs, but your upper body as well. This 15 to 19 minute workout a day ‘promises’ you thighs of steel? How about promising an uncomfortable experience?

On to number three, Slim Away, a waist band that instantly ‘slims and trims’ inches off your waist to create that beautiful fake appearance. This fancy adjustable 5 zipper device is so comfy that the makers recommend wearing it all day every day, even when working out! Come on, who does not love even more pressure while working out?

This next product has to certainly be one of the most ridiculous, outlandish weight loss products out there. Sensa Weight-Loss System supposedly helps you lose weight by sprinkling the ‘special salt’ on your food and magically the unwanted weight comes right off! Wow, so if that is the case, why is our nation’s obesity rate at its all time high? Dr. Alan Hirsch, creator of this miraculous ‘special salt’ believes it’s not our stomachs that make us want to eat, it’s in our minds. Really?

We have all seen the commercial and frankly, how can you not laugh when watching it? The Shake Weight assures you that those ‘chicken wings’ all so known as the ‘jiggling flapping wings’ will soon go away within a week of doing this exercise for about 10 minutes a day. This 2 ½ lb. weight requires no batteries or motor, just you tormenting yourself with a bizarre weight.

Lastly, we have one of the most ancient exercise machines around. The Gazelle, created by the famous blonde, tan ponytail man, Tony Little. This total body all-in-one workout promotes cardio and strength training while gliding and soaring through the air. How does one NOT fall off this machine? You are basically just asking for trouble and some face time with your floor.

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