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Fashion a la carte: Carrot Jeans, Trousers, & Wedgers

Published: Thursday, March 3, 2011

Updated: Friday, March 4, 2011 16:03


Fashion may change depending on the area you are in. I'm currently studying abroad in Europe, and so far it has proven to be a country full of stylish innovators. Whether walking through the halls of school, sightseeing around the city, or hitting up the club, most people seem to "dress to kill."

Image is everything. In only a few weeks time I've noticed cutting edge trends sported by the locals that include: carrot jeans, trousers, & wedges. The law of attraction has forced me on a hunt to find these pieces and share them with you.

Carrot jeans are one of the biggest trends since the 80's takeover. These pants take blue jeans to another level, with an added "scrunchy" embellishment on the bottom. They can be worn with practically anything and add a hipster feel. There's no gender discrimination; so, they are made for ladies as well as gents. Wear them with canvas style slip-on shoes; you'll be relaxed as well as stylish. They don't have to be skin-tight either, so give yourself room and, for a lack of better words, "Let it hang."

Next, we have the trouser pants. These faithful steeds, which have always been fashionable, have revamped over time. They give you a taste of classiness; unless you prefer to wear them with sneakers. In that case, may the fashion fairy guide you on the right path.

To get the European look, think tailored fit. For ladies, whether you're in a skinny, harem, or wide leg cut, make sure the pants fit properly, and are not too snug on the hips.

I do advise you to find a fit that accentuates your physique. Wear them with platform heels; skinny stilettos' don't do them justice.

Always adored and praised for its comfort is the wedge heel. I love them because they give you height as well as that added  -umph. Go wild and try them in different prints, colors, and textures. They seem to be a hit with the local scene, especially on cobble stoned streets.

With any trend you decide to try, always add your personal flair and make it "yours." Being a carbon copy of what you see in fashion magazines is never in style; let it influence you but be the originator.

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